Medical Event Services

Who is protecting the patron at your event?  Why pay the high rate of a ambulance services to standby? Who will cover while they are transporting a patent to the hospital? What if the ambulance is called away for an other call somewhere else? What about a non-transport Medical Event Services that will standby at your event and care for your patron. If a ambulance is needed they will call one to transport the patron to the hospital. Care will be immediately started by the Medical Event Services and patron will have continues care till the ambulance arrives to transport them to the hospital. If no transport is needed the Medical Event Services will care for and document all care provided to the patron. Documentation will be filed for future reference if it be needed for future follow up. 

First State Safety Services provide Medical Event Services to the following organizations:


At the request of the Wilmington Blue Rocks

Our Partnership bring better services and safety for our patrons. 





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